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Equality between women and men is one of the European Union's founding values. It goes back to 1957 when the principle of equal pay for equal work became part of the Treaty of Rome. The European Union's achievements in fostering equality between women and men have helped to change the lives of many European citizens for the better. However, looking closely to the EU statistics, we still see significant differences between male and female unemployment.

In addition to gender differences unemployment, a new term has been introduced: that of people being "inactive", i.e. neither employed nor unemployed and sitting at home. According to Eurostat, in 2011, 8.4 % of men in the age group of 25-54 were neither employed nor unemployed in the EU-27 compared to 21.6 % of women. In absolute numbers this amounted to about 8.9 million men and 22.8 million women.  In EU, 44% of women with disabilities are unemployed, as compared to 25% of men.

The most vulnerable women in employment perspective are those inactives and disabled. Both having the potential to produce but bound with their obstacles blocking them to entegrate themselves in to labour market.

ID-Women is bringing a working solution to both target groups, however concentrating on inactive women e-Mentor training since former projects had good material for diasbled women to benefit to learn how to work from their homes.


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