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Our former virtual assistant project www.pedva.net promoting integrated e-learning & e-working and an e-mentoring project www.vo-ca.net aiming to e-train experienced people as e-mentors, so that they can mentor virtual assistants for them to efficiently search and find opportunities for working at their homes. In former projects, no freelance (entrepreneur) dimension was considered for those who receive mentoring support from e-mentors; however, e-mentors were supposed to be working as self-employed at least for their e-mentoring activities.

After these two experiences, we have found out that the best model is to encourage physically disabled people to work independently (self employed) as micro entrepreneurs and furnish them with the strong e-mentoring support. We also decided to concentrate on women e-mentors as well as e-mentees based on our former experience and social factors and according to general priorities of EU policies.

Thus, our project will e-train women e-mentors in such a way that they will be able to e-mentor same gender mentees, for them to become a mini or micro-enterpreneurs and work from their homes to integrate themselves in to labor market. As a brief expression; the concrete aim of this project is “to train inactive women as e-mentors and consequently support (home based - freelance) employability of women with disabilities by means of e-mentoring”.


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